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Biomass and Waste

Very important resources for the production of clean energy

Thanks to the constant collaboration of Tonello Energie with the main investment funds operating in the renewable energy sector, and to its recognized technical expertise and financial solidity, Tonello Energie deals with the turnkey management of some Biogas plants owned by institutional investors.

How we build your biogas plant

Biogas Plants of Tonello Energie

Biogas plants, unlike other types of renewable energy production plants, must be followed and managed continuously because of the need to keep in balance the bacteria present in the digester, responsible for the production of biogas through anaerobic digestion. Tonello Energie is able to ensure the maintenance of this biological balance, which, combined with proper maintenance of the generation group allows you to maximize the producibility of biogas plants.

Thanks to this integrated assistance Tonello Energie ensures the correct functioning of the biogas plants, reducing the risk of production stoppages and the highest return on investment.

The waste of organic materials, livestock waste and agricultural by-products can be used to produce energy. Exploiting the potential of these apparently unusable substances can prove to be a winning choice and, above all, a gain for the company, which has the possibility of covering the energy needs of its plants thanks to biogas. Moreover, the energy produced by biogas is available all day long and does not depend on weather conditions, as it can be for wind and solar energy. This particular renewable energy has a dual benefit. Firstly, it increases energy power and, secondly, it reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Designing biogas plants correctly is essential because there are many different products that can potentially be used. Adapting the plant to the organic materials to be processed, therefore, allows you to maximize performance by achieving the desired results and objectives. Tonello Energie provides its customers with an expert team ready to build a plant, adapting it to the individual situations or needs of the customers themselves.

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