A green world to live in

Responsibility, research and development

La mission

The customer at the centre of everything

Tonello Energie strongly believes that investing in renewable energy should be an activity constantly monitored and regularly maintained to ensure its maximum efficiency over time and works to ensure that all after-sales services control and maintenance are an integral part of the investment project.

Research and development

The creation of innovative systems and the achievement of maximum energy efficiency are the result of the complex and synergistic work of designers, logistics and security staff, installers and maintenance staff.

Improved efficiency in terms of energy yield

We aim at the best performance of the plant and for this reason we offer an efficient remote control service able to detect in real-time the operation and performance of the plant. In case of failures and malfunctions it will be possible to operate remotely or, if not, with the immediate intervention of technicians.

Competence and performance at the forefront

Tonello Energie has put to good use the long experience of Gruppo Industriale Tonello Srl from which it has taken life, choosing to devote commitment and passion to the development of ecologically sustainable energy production solutions.

High profitability in terms of economic yield

Investing in renewable energies: a source of wealth


The renewable energy sector is on the rise. In recent years, in fact, it has begun to attract the attention of many investors. Investing in renewable energy can be a winning choice because it has a good relationship between risk and return. Tonello Energie has become a Partner of some Investment Funds operating in the renewable energy sector for which it proposes and continuously implements projects and plants in both Photovoltaic and Hydroelectric. In fact, many consider renewables to be a sector that is marginally affected by distortions due to changes in policies relating to Quantitative easing. Investing in renewable energy can also improve the image and reputation of investors who decide to use their capital in the green sector.

Tonello Energie is able to study customized projects, responsibly transforming the vitality of the elements of nature into pure energy available to man, proposes solutions that can be integrated with each other such as: design of hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants, design of technological, electrical and special systems, in order to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of energy yield of the plant and maximum return in terms of investment. Tonello Energie, thanks to its experience, allows to invest in renewable energy in a safe way, following the customer in all phases.


Our quality sistem

Our quality sistem
The technical experience in the energy sector has allowed Tonello Energie to acquire a specialization in the design and construction of custom-made photovoltaic systems with high efficiency. Quality that is also certified by the ISO 9001:2008 management system and by the SOA certification.

Those who decide to adopt a company quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 choose to set up their activities and operate according to a management model designed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes, whose ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and business improvement as a whole, so not only in the operational and production, but also in the organizational and commercial sense.

The basis of the quality system, whose adherence to the ISO 9001 standard must be endorsed by a special certification issued by an authorized Certified Body, consists of a set of mandatory procedures and the demonstration of the correct and continuous application of the same; these procedures, collected in the quality manual, must be set and calibrated in order to achieve a self-imposed objective (such as increasing profitability) and maintain it over time.

The application phase of a Quality Management system requires that the company prepares useful records to ensure constant control of the company’s activities and necessary to keep track of the activities carried out, so as to have data and information available on which to base its development and improvement objectives. The Quality Management System has been put into practice in all company activities: efficiency, timeliness, accuracy characterize the entire company organization.

SOA is the compulsory certification for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts, i.e. a document that is necessary and sufficient to prove, at the time of the tender, the company’s ability to carry out, directly or through subcontracting, public works for works with an auction base value of more than € 150,000.00; it attests and guarantees that the company in the construction sector possesses all the requirements provided for by the current regulations in the field of Public works contracts.

The SOA Certificate is valid for five years (provided that its validity is verified in the third year from the first issue) and is issued following an investigation to validate the documents produced by the company, which refer to the last ten years of activity of the company (ten years of work and the best five years among the last ten) by special certification bodies, or companies authorized to operate by the Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts (AVCP). The SOA Certification qualifies the company to contract works by category of works and by classification of amounts. CATEGORIES SOA – ATTESTAZIONE IN VIGENZA DEL D.P.R. 207/2010 Below are listed the categories of works related to SOA, useful for obtaining the certification itself and for participation in public tenders. The Categories are divided into two macroblocks: general works and specialized works and are respectively identified by the acronyms OG and OS.

Category Classification Description
OG 1 VII Civil and industrial buildings
OG 9 VIII Equipment for the production of electric energy/td>
OG 10 III-BIS Installations for the high / medium voltage transformation and for the distribution of electrical energy into AC/DC and of public lighting installations
OS 14 VIII Waste treatment and recycling plants
OS 16 IV Equipment for power plants producing electricity
OS 22 VII Equipment for Water purification plants
OS 30 III-BIS Internal electrical, directories, radio and television systems