Tonello Energie’s activity does not end with the installation of the plant.

Operation & Maintenance


Preventive and routine plant maintenance is scheduled periodically and carried out following specific checklists for each equipment or plant, specially prepared by Tonello Energie on the basis of its experience and the manufacturers’ recommendations.


Our technicians are specialized to intervene with means and skills in any extraordinary situation that may arise in the plants.

Faults, damage from atmospheric events, rodent animals, thefts, etc., are events that often occur in the plants and that require extraordinary rapid interventions in order to restore the correct and full functioning of the production plant, to limit the loss of profit or the security plant, with the risk of theft or vandalism.

In these cases Tonello Energie provides its customers with an expert team that carries out plant maintenance work quickly and precisely, restoring its operation and minimizing losses.


Tonello Energie has the professional skills and measuring instruments to offer many integrative and complementary services in the field of electrical and production systems.


Tonello Energie has created a system for the management and supervision of production plants that allows it to constantly monitor the operating status of the plant.


Tonello Energie offers a complete service also relating to tax and administrative requirements. Below is a list of the consulting services offered to optimize and safeguard your investment through complete turnkey services.

Control, precision and very high quality standards

With the Tonello Energie service, 360° safety

Through a software designed internally, Tonello Energie aims at the best performance of the plant and for this reason offers an efficient remote control service able to detect in real time the operation and performance of the plant, and then to intervene and carry out a maintenance work so that any faults or problems can be solved remotely, when possible, or with the timely intervention of our technicians, when necessary.

Tonello Energie firmly believes that a good investment must be constantly monitored and regularly maintained to ensure its maximum efficiency over time, so it works to ensure that all after-sales services control and maintenance are an integral part of the investment project.


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