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Hydroelectric Plants

Hydroelectric plants allow the production of clean energy in large quantities, with maximum attention to reliability and energy efficiency.

Tonello Energie’s activity consists in the construction of new plants and in the requalification of disused plants (or old generation hydroelectric plants) to improve their performance.

The hydroelectric plants that Tonello Energie is able to realize can be related to the exploitation of aqueducts, watercourses, and basins and give rise to Kaplan turbines, for large volumes of water and for low jumps, Francis turbines, jet and centripetal flow turbines, Pelton turbines, for large jumps and small flows, and, finally, crossflow turbines, more suitable to be used in the presence of small powers.

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The activity of Tonello Energie

The Tonello Energie working group does not limit itself to the mechanical design of the turbines, but proceeds in its own workshops, to the construction of all the products and machinery necessary for the turnkey construction of hydroelectric plants.

The Team of the Research and Development Area follows the phases of design and dimensioning of the components, in order to create customized devices and systems and to build a high quality plant that can make the most of its potential and keep its performance constant over time.

The Design Department collects the necessary information to be able to define the most suitable sizing to the customer’s request, advising him and suggesting the best solution. The construction and installation phases are carried out by internal resources and specialized partners, using high quality materials that can ensure high performance.

The production cycle ends with the testing phase of the structure, which allows you to verify the degree of efficiency of the same at the time of sale. Tonello Energie, after delivery to the customer, continues to monitor the turbines to ensure a continuous and safe performance and promptly intervenes in case of failures or malfunctions.

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