choosing to invest in renewable energy

Hydroelectric plants for the investor

Hydropower stands out in the field of renewables because, in addition to being a sustainable source, it is widely available and offers various possibilities for investing in renewable energy.

Investing in renewable energy with Tonello Energie

Hydropower is the basis for the global energy mix, as is also shown by the international programmes and agreements that promote it. Many investors have already chosen to focus on the renewable energy sector because it is considered a field with a good relationship between risks and returns. Tonello Energie, for its part, follows the investor in all phases, following him throughout the process. Tonello Energie makes its experience available to investors also thanks to partnerships with some investment funds operating in the renewable energy sector.

Tonello Energie offers turnkey investment services for projects in the hydroelectric sector, thus combining ecological sensitivity with economic opportunities. Tonello Energie is present throughout the country with 50 operators located in 2 locations, one in Veneto and the other in Puglia. The head office in Fara Vicentino (VI) coordinates its activities in strong development in Italy and Eastern Europe. Tonello Energie, thanks to partnerships with some important Investment Funds, allows to invest in renewable energy in a safe way, following the customer in all phases and counseling him at best.


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