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Silk Thread Onlus

The non-profit organization “Silk thread” was born in february 2005 in Fara Vicentino by the will of Mr. Osvaldo and Mr. Luisa Tonello, parents of Giovanni, a disabled boy, seriously compromised in verbal language, but able to express through the keys of a computer his real, daily struggle to enjoy life and its truest aspects.

For Mr and Mrs Tonello, caring for young people like Giovanni and their families becomes an objective to be pursued with every strength. And so, they give life to the association that has its roots in the conviction that disabled people are special people, internally rich and able to make others live experiences of true humanity.

The association therefore decides that the primary objective to be achieved is the creation of a place where you can give these people the opportunity to increase the awareness that “the art of learning” is not old and that you can learn at the age of twenty ‘as to forty, fifty or sixty and that the path to the greatest possible autonomy, must be the central idea of any educational path.

On these bases stands “Casa Enrico”, a Daytime Occupational Education Centre, which opens its doors on April 3, 2006. Located in the green hills of Fara Vicentino, the center initially welcomes 14 disabled children. It is a place rich in life, color, serenity, where you try to offer multiple activities to stimulate the personal growth of each child taking into account its peculiarities in the actions of everyday life.
The range of activities is very wide and does not require the family to make additional financial commitments to involve their child even in the most specialized rehabilitation activities.
The association is currently financing a large part of the project with the many activities of the centre, thus ensuring a high quality of interventions for all.