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Construction Hydroelectric Power Station

Tonello Energie, ranging in the field of the use of renewable resources, has also concentrated its activity in the construction of hydroelectric power plants, offering: theconstruction of a turnkey hydroelectric power plant (EPC), assistance O&M and integrated services for conduction of the hydroelectric system. such as automation, maintenance, remote control and appropriate control software, constantly monitoring the situation of the plants, promptly intervening in case of need.

Tonello Energie relies on technical expertise of Tonello Hydro

Tonello Energie relies on the technical expertise of Tonello Hydro
The Tonello Hydro working group does not limit itself to the mechanical design of turbines and alternator systems that transform the rotational movement into electrical energy, but proceeds in its own workshops to the construction of all the products and machinery necessary for the construction of the hydroelectric power station.

Tonello Hydro’s specialization in the field of energy production in the hydroelectric sector also involves the electronic regulation and sizing of the generating sets.

The hydroelectric systems created by Tonello Hydro allow the production of clean energy in large quantities, with maximum attention to reliability and energy efficiency. The Tonello Hydro team of professionals is an expert in:

  • Mechanical design and implementation of turbine (Kaplan, Francis and Pelton)
  • Design and manufacture of mechanical components such as sluice gates, valves, and screens
  • Electronic control and automation in civil engineering
  • Dimensioning of the generating sets
  • Restructuring and optimization of existing turbishing turbines through overhauls aimed at the electrical and mechanical part of the plant, in order to increase energy production.

The company’s activity consists in the restoration of disused power plants or the conversion of potential hydroelectric plants, with the aim of maximizing energy performance even in old generation plants.
The plants that Tonello Hydro is able to build can be of various types:



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