Investing in renewables

Hydroelectric Plants for Public Entities and Organizations

Local public authorities, provinces and municipalities can build a hydroelectric plant with wide advantages: Make an investment in the field of renewables ,Having a power plant in complete safety and with a low environmental impact.
Each body can in fact reduce the environmental impact on its territory due to pollution and the use of non-renewable energy sources.

Hydroelectric plants for public entities and organizations

Even if in a first phase the construction of a hydroelectric plant turns out to be an investment, this can be recovered over the years, ensuring more and more energy autonomy to buildings and public facilities. Making an investment in the field of renewables, therefore, means owning a hydroelectric plant in complete safety and with a low environmental impact.

A municipality can use the energy produced by a hydroelectric plant for purification plants, for the operation of the public lighting network, for schools, for sports facilities and more.

Tonello Energie provides all the certifications and certificates necessary to participate in calls for tenders and public competitions and provides its customers with a team of designers, logistics, security, installers and maintenance staff of the highest level, to ensure the quality and durability of its production facilities.

Moreover, thanks to a particularly efficient monitoring system, Tonello Energie’s staff can constantly monitor the various plants and intervene promptly if the need arises.