Photovoltaic Systems
for the public sector

The use of clean energy is one of the aspects that make a country competitive and innovative at international level.

Launching a green and eco-sustainable policy can be a sign of attention to the surrounding environment and also to its citizens. Investing and building photovoltaic systems to meet the energy needs of public buildings allows administrations to reduce costs in the long term.

Tonello Energie follows the public body in all phases: personalized consulting, jointly assessing the situation of the individual body and proposing the best solution, performance simulation and technical and economic-financial analysis of the plant, to be able to immediately define the investment and outline the economic return on investment, design and assistance.

The fact that buildings are supplied with public lighting systems using photovoltaic energy testifies to the desire of the public administration to promote new ways of development and to safeguard its territory. Moreover, relying on the use of renewable energy allows public bodies to meet the energy needs of the various structures and, therefore, to lower the costs related to energy expenditure. In addition to being a green choice, therefore, creating photovoltaic systems for public lighting allows municipalities to save funds that can be invested in other projects.